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Amri Kibbler, an entrepreneur and devoted mom of two, has carved out a niche for herself as a beacon of inspiration and support for working mothers everywhere. With the launch of HeyMama in 2014, Amri pioneered one of the first membership communities aimed at empowering working moms. Her journey from fashion editor and stylist for major publications like Glamour Magazine and Cosmopolitan to spearheading a vibrant community for mothers showcases, her passion for creativity, connectivity, and empowerment.

"My life as an entrepreneur and mom is incredibly busy, but I've found that preparation is key to managing it all. I treat my wardrobe with the same meticulous care as preparing for a fashion shoot. Whenever I add a new piece to my collection, I style it with potential outfit combinations, taking photos to remember what works. This approach ensures that even on my busiest days, I can quickly put together an outfit that makes me feel confident and stylish." 



"I organize my wardrobe by styling new pieces immediately, mixing and matching them with what I already own. This preparation makes getting dressed effortless and allows me to focus on my day with confidence. I love styling my new floral Ted Baker short sleeve knit with their full skirt for an event, but I'll also wear it with a cropped blazer and gray jeans for everyday meetings, and silver shorts for date night!”. 


"I buy special pieces like this stunning Ted Baker pink floral dress not when I need them, but when I find them. This strategy isn't just about having the right outfit; it's about manifesting the future I envision for myself. Currently, I'm envisioning wearing the dress for a speaking engagement, a piece that perfectly aligns with where I see myself going." 


"Understanding the core values of your personal brand is crucial. For me, warmth, feminine leadership, and creativity is key. This clarity guides my fashion choices, leading me to pieces that reflect my identity, like warm-toned, feminine details, and creative accessories. It's important to not only know these pillars but to also embody them in your style and professional imagery."


“My outfits need to seamlessly transition from a 7 a.m. morning with my kids, to Zoom meetings, to events or dinners, and include lots of travel. The key to managing this without constant outfit changes is mastering the art of versatile styling. For instance, swapping heels for a cool sneaker can instantly take a look from business-ready to travel-comfort without sacrificing style. Pairing this with a cute travel bag not only adds functionality but also keeps the look cohesive and chic.”  

“My journey and insights provide a roadmap for women looking to navigate their careers and personal style with intention and grace. As we celebrate International Women's Day, my story is a reminder of the power of community, preparation, and personal branding in achieving success and fulfillment.”

Photographer: Rashmi Gill