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Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton and Adam Fulton Do Date Night in Ted Baker

Running a beauty and hospitality empire is anything but boring for wife and husband, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, and Adam Fulton. Cyndi is the founder and CEO of self-care brand, Chillhouse, which has a flagship spa salon in Soho along with a line of products ranging from press-on nails to body care. She is also the “First Lady” of hospitality brand, The Garret Group, where her husband, Adam, is the founding partner. They now split their time between New York City and Miami with their kids, Hendrix and Stevie, and pup Ozzy. While popping in and out of their active businesses, they make the perfect pair and manage to escape for a date night. Take an inside look at their story and how they make time for each other.

A Love Story

“Adam and I truly found love in a hopeless place: the club. Back in 2007, we met at a club that no longer exists called "Plumm". We were both working. He was promoting there, and I was his bottle waitress. Good ole NYC nightlife story. We dated briefly when we were in our early 20's then reconnected a few years later and have been together ever since.”

"What I love about Adam is his relentless ambition to accomplish everything he sets out to do. It's super admirable and I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for him and that very specific quality. It fuels our growth in business, in life, in love and our commitment to one another.”

 - Cyndi

“I love everything about Cyndi along with her passion and loyalty. She brings everyone under her wing and puts her all into every project and relationship. She inspires me to connect with her and everyone around me.”

- Adam

Date Night Outfit Approved

“Biggest tip is to put in the effort! Put on that red lipstick, throw on that skirt. Show up for your partner and show them you're thinking of them and are dressing for THEM, not only for you. I generally make sure I blow out my hair (a rare thing for me) and a stiletto goes a long way.

“I loved our looks for this shoot. The monochrome look of the red was so ideal for Valentine’s Day and an Italian dinner. I loved Adam’s all suede look in khaki. It's classic Adam and the white shoes make it Miami chic.”

"It's been 'brisk' in Miami lately, so I threw on Adam’s white cable knit over my shoulders, and it kept me warm without covering me up (girl's gotta look sexy for date night after all!).”

Go to Date Spots

“We spend most of our time in Miami these days so here are some of our favorites."

"We love Prima Pasta for an early dinner with the kids, but we snuck in some solo time there for this shoot. It's such a good red sauce Italian spot by us. Messi's favorite apparently haha."

"For a posh night out, we love the Four Seasons Surfside; dinner at Surf Club and Lido for drinks afterwards. For a more low-key night we love Drexel, Branja, Pastis (a little slice of NYC & Paris) or Walrus Radio (because good luck getting a resi at Boia De).”

“NYC, we love Raoul's for French food, and we love visiting our bars Bandits, Roccos, and The Garret. For low-key pasta nights, we're regulars of Fiaschetteria & Malatesta. For a nightcap, we usually end up at Ear Inn on our way home (we used to live in the West Village).”