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Dede Lovelace

For outside-the-box thinkers and work-from-anywhere entrepreneurs, Business Unusual is a modern workwear moment tailor-made for those who don't do things by the book.

Profiling the professionals who redefine what the 9-to-5 looks like, this is where work and life meet a perfect style balance. From storytellers and creatives, to makers and risk takers, these are the faces at the forefront of changing the world of work as we know it.

Meet Dede Lovelace. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she's an actress, painter, DJ and so much more. A multi-talented multi-hyphenate and all-round creative at heart, Dede's days begin and end with art.

"Art means everything to me".


Dede's work is an extension of her creative vision. From the community and city around her, artistic inspiration is in no short supply. Taking love and warmth from her surroundings, she's learned there's no limit to where her craft will take her.

"Being from Brooklyn every silhouette that I’m drawn to is intentional.”

A creative from New York whose days are as unique as her character, style plays a huge role in her line of work.

At the forefront of finding new ways of doing things, her style is as expressive as her personality.

Dede takes business unusual to a whole new level by curating the perfect wardrobe for an increasingly unique working landscape. From elevated tailoring to relaxed and casualized staples, versatility unlocks new levels of creativity for an artist like Dede.