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Marisa Renee Lee is an advocate, entrepreneur, and thought leader in the fields of grief, loss, mental health, resilience, and social justice. As the CEO of the social impact consulting firm Beacon Advisors and author of Grief is Love: Living with Loss, Marisa is dedicated to creating positive change and supporting individuals and communities in times of adversity.



“This seems very basic, but I think being honest about your capacity, your skills, and your interests is critical in navigating any career journey. Too often women sell themselves short, or second guess themselves or their skills and we need to stop doing that, period.”  


“I talk about this a lot in my, book Grief is Love, but nothing great is done alone. Whether it is free help, or paid help, no one gets to where they want to go all by themselves. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of your humanity and in order to be successful at work you need help both personally and professionally."


“Women often feel guilty saying no, but if you want to have a personal and professional life that feels good and is aligned with your values you need to say no more. And sometimes we need to step away from work, or severely limit work because of changes in our personal lives and I don’t want women to feel badly about that. Set your boundaries and don’t apologize for them.”  

“My personal style reflects my boldness, creativity, authenticity, and practicality. When it comes to dressing for success, I believe in embracing pieces that not only make a statement but also make life easier. Anyone who has, or has had, a toddler knows you need to be flexible, nimble, and quick on your feet in order to keep up with them, but I also have a business to run. It is important that I look professional as well, so a Ted dress and sneakers are perfect for me."

"Fundamentally, at this stage of my life, I want my clothes to reflect my personality, and I love dresses because it’s only one piece of clothing and I’m done. Running a business, writing a book, and caring for a toddler are all deeply time consuming so having clothes that are easy to pull together is essential."

Photographer: Meredith Heuer