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Good news – Britain has made its way to Brooklyn through our first capsule collection in collaboration with Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Since 1910, Brooklyn Botanic Garden has connected its visitors to the realm of plants, fostering delight and curiosity while inspiring an appreciation of the environment.

Inspired by archival drawings of crabapple blossoms by Maud Purdy, Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s botanic illustrator from the early 20th century, the collaboration pays tribute to the British love of gardening and nature. The clothing itself combines Ted Baker’s signature florals with the rich history of crabapples in both Britain and Brooklyn, bridging the gap between the two in every way.

We captured the essence of the collection in the blooming Brooklyn Botanic Garden with plant enthusiast, Christopher Griffin, and plant doctor, Maryah Greene. Read on to learn more about their connection to plants and why this collection is special to them.


Maryah Greene is New York’s go-to plant doctor as well as the founder of Greene Piece – the city’s premier indoor plant design and plant care destination. Starting her career as an elementary school teacher, and now as a plant doctor, stylist and consultant, Maryah applies her background in education to her relationships with her plant parent clients. 

“My life as an entrepreneur and plant doctor has afforded me the opportunity of having an ever-evolving style. While neutrals are where I feel the safest, I find that my favorite way to express myself is with clothing that has a unique shape, pattern, or texture.” – Maryah

“As an entrepreneur, I'm super conscious about how I’m being perceived and what aligns best with my brand. However, I think there's something so liberating about dismantling what people consider to be ‘professional.’ Partnering with Ted Baker has allowed me to do exactly that by pairing fun prints with cutouts, tight knits, and colors.” – Maryah


Christopher Griffin, a Brooklyn-based educator, author, and gardener, began their plant parenting journey by visiting local nurseries with their grandmother. In 2016, Christopher launched their Instagram account – @plantkween – to share the lessons, adventures, and simple joys that come with being a plant parent. Now, as a Black queer non-binary femme, Christopher enjoys using plants to empower queer and trans people of color in the world of horticulture.

“Wearing florals is a delightful homage to the cherished memories I hold of my grandmother and mother, who both shared an unwavering love for flowers. Growing up surrounded by their beautiful gardens and floral décor, I developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and vibrant colors of nature.” – Christopher

“Adorning myself in floral patterns not only connects me to my familial roots but also fills me with a sense of nostalgia and warmth. The Ted Baker floral-themed collection resonates with me, allowing me moments to tap into precious family memories.” – Christopher

Go on, shop the collection to journey to Britain – without ever leaving Brooklyn.