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Enter the unknown and get lost in the magic of Spring. With a surprise around every corner, follow the road signs ahead and journey with us down the garden path to discover the secrets of the new season. These are the bright new things of spring, ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Feeling lost? We'll show you the way. Enter our labyrinth of perennial prints in whatever shape and size suits you best. Think outside the box and discover the new you while engaging in a flight of fancy. It is a new season after all.


Get lost in the garden of florals that is our new collection. More than just your average botanic blooms, this season is a nod to nature’s timeless allure. Wander through a maze of unique patterns and let your style blossom with our latest Spring staples. It’s time to unearth the florals we have cultivated and allow your wardrobe to spring back to life once again.


Ready to ditch the greyscale of seasons past? Get lost in an abundance of color with Ted Baker. This spring, every twist and turn is a chance to showcase the vibrancy of your personality from head to toe. Our collection throws shade at the mundane, enhancing this season’s staples with bright color pops and eye-catching details. It’s about standing out and turning heads in a maze of monotony, and ultimately, getting lost in color.